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Mysterious Past : No backstory is given beyond helping Gerald.
Abridged "school" edition of motion backgrounds for powerpoint the above.Berserk Button : He does not like being called "weak" very much.If that didn't kill him, then Shadow blowing up the Black Comet seconds later probably did.Chrestomathia Arabica, chrestomathia Arabica.The Bus Came Back : After being absent since Free Riders, Wave makes a return in Mario Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.Peek-a-Bangs : Zor's right eye is obscured by his hair.His virtual reality constructs have the same glitching effect.Sanity Slippage : In surf up psp iso issue four of the prequel comic, Infinite was a ruthless mercenary, but a relatively stable guy (though his Phantom Ruby-induced vision of a desolate world implied there was some element of insanity).Super Mode : Perfect Chaos is Chaos' equivalent of the Super State, at least through the Chaos Emeralds' negative energy.Villain of the Week : A rare case where a new villain appears in place of Eggman, who is completely absent from the game.They can even wear gloves on them!Living Shadow : Not only is he the Shadow Archetype to Shadow, but he's also born (well, reborn is more accurate) from Shadow's shadow.Sarcasm-Blind : Zeena, who takes Zavok's fake compliments and Sonic's Backhanded Apology at face value.The final leg of the fight involves Sonic attempting to knock him games for windows marketplace stuck off the robot dragon.This is why he constantly boasts about his power: To make himself feel strong.Edition and Latin translation of Thucydides Gallica.