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All she can do is think about how shed asked Mom not to leave her all alone in this world, and the next thing we know, shes standing precariously on the edge of the hospital roof, as her aunt and Jae-chan try to talk her.Evenings Id cross Broadway..
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Area 11 are you listening

area 11 are you listening

Forever discontented - Unknown - Maybe running man episode 2 related to "and the seraphim were discontented" from In The Blind The rope that pulled me from the pit now hangs around my neck - The Inertia Corporation saved Cassandra from the destruction of the Echoplane and now force.
And we'll still look to the lights in the sky, it's hard when all I see Another ceiling I don't recognize With no concern, and deathless turn Now we take control So what you feel, is it nostalgia or love?Can this be realized?All aboard this sinking ship, no business here it's just relationships.The rope that pulled me from the pit.Someone or something is trying to give someone else a secret message?As we pass by tonight, we fade into hindsight - ' As new technology arises, old technology becomes obsolete and forgotten?(Backing: This was the night, and this was the place.But it's hard when all I see, Another ceiling I don't recognize - It could be that these statements are unrelated./A ceiling blocks out the sky, so it could be related to previous line (Meaning that something is stopping someone from seeing the lights.Another ceiling I don't recognize, with no concern, and deathless turn.All The Lights In The Sky is still relevant?Reach out for help and she lets you down - Possibly referring to The Tape : "You have failed and you cant see.Now we take control, so what you feel, is it nostalgia or love?A burnt taste, a real waste, a sticky stain we'll soon erase, cause this means more.In the other two songs in this EP mention the " Seraphim In The Blind) and " Ghenna OverrideA which are both Jewish concepts.The time slips off our lives - Without proper maintenance/Without the intended technology, the signal gets drowned out by the noise?Now hangs around my neck, is this the clue you wanted?Too cryptic for the rest, play the part of the victim if it puts your mind at ease.Another mind homogenized(made uniform) - Hive mind?A show which itself contained many referances to Christianity and Judaism.Close your eyes, and listen please!
"Stain" could be something unsightly or degrading in value.