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Crysis 3 patch 1.1 changelog

crysis 3 patch 1.1 changelog

Delayed manual switching to spectator mode right after death.
Patch 2 Changelog: Optimizations and Stability * Corrected a number of upcider san francisco menu memory leaks with fsaa modes.
Added mod loader to the main menu.Protoe patch mám nainstalovan a hned ze zaátku hry, kdy mám mít 505exp, tak mám jen 500 z dvodu pechodu na dalí LVL.Removed ability to highlight players on instant action scoreboard.Fixed engineering drawing and design issue where the player score was not the default view when pressing the 'Tab' button.Fixed the "Back" key in the on-screen keypad not deleting the first character in the keypad text box.View All Comments, add Comment).Use Kaspersky or some other AV!The vehicle you purchased is now visible with a blue icon.Explosive charges no longer clip through the top of the NK tanks located in the munitions dump in mission tank.Fixed issue where voip doesn't work properly on non-dedicated servers.Fixed a number of memory leaks with some procedural vegetation and destroyable objects physicalization.
Added mouse wheel scrolling support for server browser.
Fixed issue when the player dropped last picked up socom, even if that is the pistol with the most ammo.