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Magento observer product save

magento observer product save

I would appreciate your suggestions.
The changes need to be saved into my table.The save_commit_after event is triggered after the transaction has been committed,.e.In your case, it is catalog_product.Yes, definitely, if you check the save function of Mage_Core_Model_Abstract you can civilization 5 full game skidrow see this: public function save * Direct deleted items to delete method if (this- isDeleted return this- delete if (!this- _hasModelChanged return this; dataCommited false; try this- _beforeSave if (this- _dataSaveAllowed) this- _afterSave.On the other hand, if there were no changes, both events would not even be triggered, because.I need to create a custom attribute for products, which value is updated on product save, based on other attribute's value.Also, on save_commit_after, the _hasDataChanges property already has been reset to false, so your check would not work.The values in the multiselect values from my custom table.Does nothing if there were no data changes: if (!this- _hasModelChanged return this; That being said, I don't see why your code should not work).On the other hand, this line: this- _afterSave triggers the following events: model_save_after (same remark as before).How can I do it with Observer.When the changes were written to the database.I have a custom multiselect field in Products ultraman ginga episode 3 sub indo edit section.Unfortunately this event doesn't fire when I loop through 100s of products in my shop with: set_time_limit(0 require_once 'app/p products foreach(products as product) product- save My test observer function: public function updateProductDetails(observer) Mage:log inside the observer I need either new event that will fire.So creating an observer for event catalog_product_save_before works fine when saving products manually.Saving happens in a MySQL transaction and the save_after event is triggered before the transaction is committed, so that you can do additional updates in the database within the same transaction.
If I click on the save button in Manage Products section by selecting any one value.
User- getId : null; change- created now change- save return this; public.