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Qasida burda shareef pdf

qasida burda shareef pdf

And guard it (your self) while it is grazing in (the field of) actions and if it enjoys grazing land, do not let it roam (graze) freely.
Do not lose heart due to compare internet manager and accelerator plus your capital sins.
In this section, Imam Al-Busiri encourages one who recites the sukitte ii na yo episode 3 sub indo Holy Quran.When the most bountiful (Allah Almighty) will show plainly (Himself) by the name of the punisher.If farmlands are infested or plagued with locusts, then recite Qaseedah Burdah for 7 times on sand and sprinkle it through the lands.We have moved all non-book items like Speeches, Madani Pearls, Pamphlets, Catalogs etc.To how many (patients) has his hand (the hand of the Holy Prophet A ) granted liberty (cure) from disease by (his just) touching; and set free the insane from the chains of sins (and insanity).And yet itches (your) eyes (when you) see it from near.On the other hand, he also mentions that lust and carnal desires are also important to fall in the love of Rasoolullah.And they all (prophets ) stopped before him at their (assigned) limits; (either like) a point of knowledge or to gain a piece of wisdom (from the wisdom of Holy Prophet A ) For he ( A ) is the one who was perfected outwardly.To have male offspring (children) recite it for 116 times.And how can the need incline such a noble personality towards this world; for if he ( A ) had not been (created the world would have not come into existence.The wind of success (the help of Allah Almighty) sends you their (the Muslims) fragrance, so you think every brave man (armed with weapons) to be a flower (which is) in the bud.He also encourages the people to act upon the commandments of Allah Almighty which are narrated in the Holy Quran.His birth (and apparently happening) death (both) are scented (and sacred).They (infidels) loved to flee (from the Holy Prophet A, whom the people love to serve) that they would envy corpses which were carried away by vultures and eagles (to avoid any encounter with the Holy Prophet A ; inspite of hate they became very.And what has happened to your heart, (the more) you say to it to come to its senses (normal condition, the more) it is distracted (troubled).Top Section Seven In this section, Hadhrat Imaam Saalih Sharaf-ud-Deen Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Hasan Al-Busiri has described about the Miraj of Rasoolullah.
I request all of my brothers and sisters to make their habit to recite the Durood on a daily basis as much as they can.