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Symantec client security 3.1

symantec client security 3.1

Exe crashes when performing a Master Boot Record scan Fix ID: 1134011 Symptom: In rare cases, Rtvscan.
Cannot install Reporting with non-default settings Fix ID: 1058456 Symptom: When installing Reporting server from the MR6 release, if using non-default Reporting database names or user names, the installation fails.
Solution: Moved the close registry handle to earlier in the logoff processing.
NetWare.5 SP 5 server abends when Symantec AntiVirus.1.4 runs a scheduled scan Fix ID: 772645 Symptom: When you run a scheduled scan with Symantec AntiVirus 00 on a computer that runs NetWare.5 Service Pack 5, the server abends.Solution: Logic changed not to process the Groups node when enumerating the server list during policy rollout.Components Component Version Symantec AntiVirus 10 Symantec Client Firewall QServer Symantec AntiVirus Reporting.0.207 AMS AntiSpam 2 Auto-Protect Behavior Blocking Common Client Decomposer DefUtils ecom IPS LiveUpdate navapi NIS Shared Components 2 SymEvent SymNetDrv 2 SymSentry Symantec AntiVirus Fixes "Faulting application Rtvscan.Symantec SecurePort service fails randomly Fix ID: 1-4Z45SL, 1-5NAZ08 Symptom: The Symantec SecurePort service fails with the error message "SymSecure Port has encountered a problem and needs to close." Resolution: Changed the code to handle the case where a network connection is set up with.Virus definitions do not update until the Symantec AntiVirus service restarts Fix ID: 642963 Symptom: After LiveUpdate runs, the Definfo.Error when creating a Full Report for All Products it's always sunny in philadelphia s09e06 tubeplus with Past 24 hour time range Fix ID: 864459 Symptom: When creating a Full Report for All Products using a time range of Past 24 hours generates the following error: "The start date must be before.Solution: Changed behavior to update client groups while changes are made at server group level.Solution: The "Last Scan Time" now displays "N/A" when a computer has not been scanned.Solution: The Real-time Protection (File System AutoProtect) driver was modified to prevent an occurrence where it could read invalid memory.Solution: Suppressed benign Windows error message during shutdown.Resolution: Added fix to always update exclusions on clients when new changes are present.Solution: Added a check to verify that the SystemRunning flag is still active before accepting a keep alive packet.Components Component Version Symantec AntiVirus 10 Symantec Client Firewall Common Client Decomposer NIS Shared Components 2 SymNetDrv 4 Symantec AntiVirus Fixes Lotus Notes profile created in the incorrect directory Fix ID: 802843 Symptom: When a new user profile is created using the Lotus Notes configuration.Question mark cannot be used as wildcard in Reporting Server's Advanced options Fix ID: 1474412 Symptom: When using "?" as a wildcard, reports return unexpected data.Unable to enter Standby with Symantec AntiVirus service enabled Fix ID: 1-4XG3PT Symptom: The computer will not enter Standby mode while the Symantec AntiVirus services are still running.
Solution: Updates to the AMS component to correct the issue.
Maintenance Release 7 (MR7) This section describes the fixes in Maintenance Release 7 of Symantec AntiVirus.1 and Symantec Client Security.1.