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Tibetan english dictionary buddhist terminology

tibetan english dictionary buddhist terminology

File 15 BA Dictionary of Buddhist Terms -.
Wang Yinuan and Jam dpal phun tshogs.
Pdf 776.2 linear estimation kailath pdf kb Tue, 12:57:33 GMT File 9 TA Dictionary of Buddhist Terms -.PL3639.D73 1999 Tibetan-Tibetan dictionary of Tibetan idioms and phrases.(Entry added by Sonam Tsering.).Shenyang: Liaoning min zu chu ban she, 2001, 1788 pages.Primarily Buddhist and medical vocabulary.Dge bshes Chos kyi grags pas btsams pa'i brda dag ming tshig gsal ba Gexi Quzha Zangwen cidian: Zang, Han duizhao.Nang don rig pa'i ming tshig Bod Dbyin shan sbyar Tibetan-English dictionary of Buddhist terminology.Notes by ZHU Runxiao.Csomo de Körös, Alexander.Pdf 1252.3 kb Tue, 12:56:39 GMT File 19 DZA Dictionary of Buddhist Terms - Dza.Dharma Dictionary spans the areas of being an extensive glossary, a list of usage of Buddhist terms in present day works of translation, a massive amount of dictionary entries, a lexicography of places, people and literary works, and an encyclopedic covering of topics of importance.Presented by Erik Hein Schmidt, new CD ROM version.0, the.Based on the 'Great Volume of Precise Understanding' bye brag tu rtogs par byed pa chen mo - Mahavyutpatti drawn up by Tibetan translators in the ninth century at the instigation of the Tibetan Dharma-King Tri Ralpa-Chen and supplemented from the collected works of various.Fo xue ci dian Sans-rgyas star project otome game chos gzhung gi tshig mdzod.Bod Rgya tshig mdzod chen mo Zang Han da ci dian (1985).The work is published as an electronic version on CD ROM so the dictionary can windows xp sp1 full version be an on-line tool.Pdf 318.0 kb, tue, 12:59:51 GMT.Han Zang Meng dui zhao fo jiao ci dian.