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Verizon dsl speed 2013

verizon dsl speed 2013

The base 60 plan covers 10 gigabytes of use.
22, 2013 Updated 4:02.m.
Latency is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to n game 2 player get from one designated point to another.
Google Fiber in Kansas City, t in the Bay Area and the municipally owned power utility in Chattanooga, Tenn.Dont go to the home page of the site, because there is no link to the speed test you cant click on minecraft good game spawn point world the home page and go to Services to access the speed test, even though that is where it is located.My Verizon DSL is peaking at about 1 mbit/s.If you are using Verizons FiOS Internet, then click here to access a different speed test."VzW" launched this service in May of 2012 as a way to sell its 4G LTE wireless to homes where its parent company, Verizon, doesn't offer wired service.Tip: Check the FCC's broadband map and wish it cited prices If you don't know what access reaches a future abode, try consulting the broadband map maintained by the Federal Communications Commission.Due to these performance variations, this service is sold as a range of expected speeds as opposed to a single value to provide clarity to our customers.Verizon recommends against testing through a wireless connection.These results may not be fully representative of each individual customer's experience, and did not include variables such as customer inside wiring and Wi-Fi networks, customer computer configurations, additional customer-generated traffic on the customer's broadband connection, the performance to specific internet destinations that particular customers.(HomeFusion is unrelated to, voice Link, a wireless-based, voice-only service Verizon has deployed in some markets to replace damaged wires, not always to the satisfaction of the customers involved.Given that m/my_speed shows many people on my ISP are getting much higher speeds.This lack of competition explains the debate over "net neutrality" regulations that ban Internet providers from blocking or slowing access to some sites and which Verizon is suing the Federal Communications Commission to have overturned.Once you finish reading the directions, click the Start Speed Test button.It is intended to provide you with an indication of the speeds obtained during such network testing.It's just me on there usually, and it's always this slow.Posted by mnemonic to, computers Internet (7 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite.At one randomly picked downtown address, CenturyLink"d.95 a month for Internet-only DSL at up to 3 Mbps; your ability to get that speed drops as you get farther from one of its "central office" neighborhood hubs.